Frequently Asked Questions


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Sharing documents

Having access to your records allows you to share them with your practitioners simply and securely within the Cushla app. The data never leaves the secure storage and can only be accessed by the people that you allow access.

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Family accounts

Manage not only your own healthcare data, but also those of your children or parents. You can easily create multiple accounts in the app to help you stay on track with everyone you’re taking care of. Simply switch between them using log in screen.

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Appointment summary

You don’t need to worry about remembering everything that a practitioner has said during the visit, we’ve got you covered. Cushla allows you to capture the key messages from your practitioner and convert this to a text note. You can then share this with your loved ones, and also with the practitioner themselves.

Requesting records from practitioners

It shouldn’t be difficult to obtain your data from other entities. Cushla lets you quickly request all medical records or notes that concern yourself, all aligned with GDPR regulations.

Password protection

Medical data is sensitive and we know it. That’s why Cushla has an option to set a password when sharing any documents, as well as an expiry date for a sharing link. Everything to keep your data secure.

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Health Journey Pregnancy

The Cushla pregnancy health journey helps mum's to be prepare for their pregnancy, their appointments, the delivery and understand more about the things you will be asked during this time.

Sign up process

To start using Cushla we must verify who you are. Your medical records are sensitive so we must ensure we have verified your identity. We also perform a basic health assessment at onboarding which allows trending thereafter.