Improve patients’ engagement and outcomes

Integrate tools you already use in your practice with the platform patients use and love.

What is Cushla?

Extend your current toolset with the software that delights your patients

We respect tools you’re already using for your practice. That’s why we made it possible for Cushla to seamlessly integrate with them — to transform patients’ experience while not disrupting anything that you already know and love.

Discover the benefits

Cushla can help you

with GDPR compliance

with GDPR compliance

improve effectiveness of treatments

be more time- and cost-efficient

Consultation reports

With Cushla you can share your consultation notes confident that you are in compliance with GDPR. This section outlines the steps for the exporting of records which are then sent to the patient via email. The patient then loads into their Cushla app. It is expected that the systems will integrate directly over time.

Data security

Cushla processes all data, at every stage, in strict compliance with data protection and privacy legislation and related regulatory requirements.

Bringing real results

We aim high to bring you the real results

2 appointment return on investment

Average of 2 extra appointments per day by reduction in administration.

25% more time on managing outcomes

By having access to the patient data and triage information, time is spent on the outcome and not admin.

20% fewer calls

By having access to data there are fewer calls between practitioners to pass on information that is already available.

Starting your journey

How does it work?

We know you’re busy — that’s why we made sure anyone can fit starting their journey with Cushla in their schedule. Explore how to integrate in 3 easy steps.

See how it works
Get help

We need your email address, phone number, the facilities that you work in and then the administrator of that facility can approve your access.

Your patient can grant you access to their record and you can view the content on a secure web page.

If the patient management system and appointment systems allow for integration, we can connect these to Cushla with simple to follow instructions.

“Having Cushla has really helped me engage with my patients. I get their triage information in advance of appointments, which reduces the time spent collecting this. I can then share their notes with them directly which means I don't get calls from their other healthcare providers. They also get their exercise videos in the Cushla app so I know they are following them correctly"

NMT from Ashbourne

“This app is a must have for anyone who visits the doctor. You no longer need to worry about remembering the important details from a doctor’s appointment. Cushla takes care of it all."

Patient from Dublin, Ireland