We’re Cushla

We empower people to take ownership of their health

Healthcare data is buried in systems which are inaccessible to those who own it and those who need it. This data can unlock the ability to provide efficient healthcare paths which can help patients engage in their healthcare and receive faster and more effective treatment.

At Cushla, we want to help people access their full healthcare history, from whoever they interact with, so they are engaged in their health and can make their healthcare interaction more about outcome and less about admin.

We understand privacy and data sharing is absolutely a must and that's why we aim to meet all the standards while allowing the Cushla member to control who has access to their data, for how long and manage the passwords.

"At Cushla, we want our members to feel empowered while they navigate their healthcare interactions. Whether you are going through a long term treatment plan, or just want to stay on top of your health, Cushla gives you the ability to manage your healthcare information, how you want."

Richard Egan, Cushla’s CEO

Who makes it happen

Our team

Cushla was founded in 2020 in Dublin, Ireland, and is a family of passionate minds that are eager to transform how healthcare data is treated, with the customer at the centre of everything we build. The team includes specialists with strong medical, technological and business expertise.

Richard Egan

Richard has 25 years experience managing large technology and operations teams in Financial Services within the US Multi-national sector and the domestic health insurance sector in Ireland. He is also Treasurer on the board at the Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine at the RCSI / RCPI, and Secretary of the Medical Subcommittee at International Rugby League.

Gavin Davey

Gavin is an Enterprise Security Architect and has over 20 years experience assessing security and risk requirements in large enterprise environments and helping clients develop solutions to meet the challenges in this ever changing environment.

Stephen Szpara

Steve is a Neuro Muscular Therapist (NMT) operating independently and is passionate about helping patients to manage all their healthcare needs in an integrate manner and to be engaged in their treatment. Steve brings valuable knowledge of treating patients who have been through many care pathways.

David Morris

David is a senior healthcare leader, dual qualified as a Medical Doctor and Physiotherapist. His experience spans frontline healthcare and commercial environments, having worked in emergency medicine, preventative health, health strategy development and execution. He is passionate about shaping the future of healthcare by enabling the digital delivery of proactive health at scale. David has led highly skilled, cross functional teams to develop innovative healthcare products and has a national profile as a strong promoter of new concepts to investors, industry events and media.

Horacio Daicz

Horacio is a senior developer who specialises in backend technologies and integration services. He has 20 years’ experience across many large multi-national companies and domestic companies. He is a native of Argentina and has lived in Dublin for the last 12 years.

Helen Keeble

Helen has been working as a physiotherapist in pelvic health since 2008 and is a clinical specialist in her field. As well as seeing patients, Helen also teaches, lectures and educates other health professionals in the speciality and she is also co-founder of the public facing online pelvic health education platform Umi-Health

Dermot Burke

Dermot is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has over 12 years experience working in the public and private healthcare systems in both Ireland and the UK. With an academic background from TCD in Healthcare Innovation, he has led and delivered a range of digital transformation and improvement projects. He is currently one of the HSE's National Fellows for Innovation and Change.

Alan Durkin

Alan is an experienced technologist with over 20 years of experience working in various industries including Healthcare and Finance. He has worked in companies of all sizes ranging from less than ten to hundreds of thousands of people. He brings a deep understanding of enterprise software architecture and an ability to design large scale platforms.

Amy Carroll

Amy is a midwife with over 19 years experience working in the UK and Ireland. In her career, as well as working in community and hospital settings, she has developed numerous innovative projects to improve maternity care where she has worked. As a midwife she sees her role as a ‘Professional friend’ and is passionate about providing care in partnership with women / people and empowering them to have a positive life changing experience. She is currently one of the HSE's National Fellows for Innovation and Change.

Brian Sheridan

Brian is an experienced Marketing and Business Development executive with more than 30 years experience across the Healthcare, Telecoms and Soft Drinks sectors. He brings valuable expertise in the development and implementation of successful business strategies across both large multinational corporations and small indigenous businesses. Brian was part of the Senior Leadership Team that built a Health Tech business internationally, then sold it to a UK based Private Equity company.

Tom Hennessy

Tom has over 25 years’ experience working in the US healthcare market. His experience spans both the public and private healthcare sector in the US. While working at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Tom led the team that created the Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS). This system is now responsible for the payment of all Medicare Advantage plans in the US. Tom has also held a number of senior executive positions in different US health plans. In addition, Tom is also an entrepreneur owning a number of businesses in the US and was an adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he taught entrepreneurship to graduate students. Tom is passionate about how to leverage technology to improve how patient care is delivered

Kevin Higgins

Kevin is a serial commercial finance & operations leader for venture backed companies. As Chief Financial and Operating Officer for SilverCloud Health, he was critical part of the leadership that steered the business and commercial growth and was responsible for creating teams and hiring in Finance, HR, Sales Operations, Business Intelligence, Health Economics and Procurement teams from scratch. His experience of being based in Ireland, the US & the UK while leading investment rounds and scaling teams in each geography ultimately led to SilverCloud’s sale to Amwell (NYSE: AMWL) in 2021. He has worked within other Irish based startups, in addition to 8 years at Paddy Power plc (now Flutter Entertainment plc) and ten years in the UK with various technology & marketing growing companies. He passionate about improving healthcare through technology and is partial to watching live sport and music.