Know more.
Live healthier.

Cushla helps you understand and engage with your health by enhancing access to your information and empowering you and your practitioners to make better health decisions.

For patients

Being a partner means better health choices

Access to your health data via one trusted platform helps you unlock insights, get closer to health practitioners and live a healthier life.

I’m a patient

For practitioners

Gain a more accurate picture of your patients

By helping manage your workload more efficiently, Cushla helps you spend more time on care and less on admin.

I’m a practitioner


Navigating healthcare interactions made easier.

One source of truth for medical data

Nothing gets lost in translation anymore – the patient can share data with all their practitioners

Easy document sharing

Patients can share their medical data with loved ones and practitioners with a few clicks.

More efficient bookings

Triage questions are asked when booking an appointment, helping your practitioner before you arrive.