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The Cushla pregnancy health journey helps mum's to be prepare for their pregnancy, their appointments, the delivery and understand more about the things you will be asked during this time.

  • From the main app dashboard, select Health Journeys

  • Select 'Add'

  • Choose 'Pregnancy' from the journey options and select 'Continue'

  • You will be asked to confirm if you are pregnant

  • From here, there will be information from our midwife to help you understand the onboarding and why the process works the way it does.

  • The Cushla pregnancy journey aims to help you be as well prepared as possible for your pregnancy and to allow you to capture information about you, your pregnancy, your preferences and your birth.

  • We also hope that by working through the journey, you will feel comfortable ahead of consultations and be better informed from the educational content that is shared with you.

  • The important thing to remember is that you know you best. Where you want more information, reach out to your midwife or a member of your care team.


  • There are then a sequence of questions to capture:-
  1. Estimated Due Date
  2. Last menstrual period
  3. Whether this was a planned pregnancy or unplanned
  4. How are you feeling at the moment about being pregnant. It is a unique experience for you and if you need some support, there are resources that you can access
  • Pregnancy history is then captured. This information is critical for your midwife and consultant. This includes any children, and any other pregnancies you may have had. This information is not shared anywhere else other than where you consent to share this.

  • Family history is then captured which is again key for your midwife and consultant and influences how they manage your pregnancy and delivery preferences. This relates to your history and the father of the child. It is helpful to consult your family and the father of the child's family on this as it may not be information available at the time of starting the journey and you can come back to complete this. It is important to have this information at the booking visit around week 20.

  • This completes the onboarding. By capturing this information, you will be better prepared for visits with your doctor, midwife or consultant. If there is information that you don't have to hand then you can update this later from the Health journey section

  • Once you have completed the onboarding process, you will see your health journey in the active health journey section at the top of the main dashboard

  • The pregnancy dashboard allows you to access all the content related to your pregnancy

  • Due Date

  • Your dates are visible to show how many weeks you are gone, and your due date. These can be edited within this section. Just tap on the panel and change the dates.

  • Educational articles

  • Each week, articles are available that relate to the stage you and the baby are at. You see these in the carousel and can read the individual articles at your leisure. There is also the option to read all the articles if you want to

  • Your appointments

  • There is no link currently from Cushla to the hospital or clinic appointment booking systems. We are hoping this can be supported soon. Until then, you can add a reminder in Cushla for your appointments that are given to you by your hospital or clinic. This will then allow you to add notes and keep a track of your appointment history.

  • Pregnancy information

  • In this section, you can review and edit the different pieces of information that you have entered at the onboard stage such as your dates, obstetric history and family history

  • Birth preferences

  • A key feature in Cushla is the birth preferences. This feature shows some of the options that are available, and by looking at these in advance of appointments, you can decide what preferences you would like. You have the opportunity to discuss with your partner, family and midwife or consultant and by reviewing this in advance, you have the chance to consider these preference over time and not have to make your decisions without having time to think it through

  • Birth summary

  • Ahead of your delivery, you will see the birth summary section appear in the dashboard. This is another key feature and by reviewing the section you can make sure that after your delivery, you retain the information that is so important to you. This is important for immediately after birth and in the following few months, but also if you choose to have more children

  • Exercises

  • The exercises recommended at each trimester will be available in the 'Your exercises' section. These videos will play for you and you can share how many of the exercises you completed and how you felt during them.

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