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Consultation reports

With Cushla you can share your consultation notes confident that you are in compliance with GDPR. This section outlines the steps for the exporting of records which are then sent to the patient via email. The patient then loads into their Cushla app. It is expected that the systems will integrate directly over time.

If a patient requests a copy of their medical records from their GP and the GP uses Socrates, the below steps are to be followed.

  1. Open the Socrates application
    Socrates Dashboard.png

  2. Select Patient Maintenance – bottom left hand menu
    Socrates Menu.png

  3. In Patient Options select Patient Export
    Socrates Patient.png

  4. Reference = patient name – search using the square icon with 3 dots to the right of the Reference field
    Socrates Patient 2.png

  5. Enter the patients name and Search – then select the name from the results section at the bottom
    Socrates Patient Export.png

  6. Export directory – where to save pdf to – use Desktop and select OK
    Socrates Patient Export 2.png

  • Export Documents is ticked
  • Export Letters is ticked
  • Export E-Referrals is ticked
  • Between dates for periodic views can be left blank to get all notes
  1. Run
  • This will run the report and you will see when it completes. It should take about 20 seconds. The output is saved as SURNAME FIRST – yyyy-mm-dd – nnnnn.pdf
  • Minimise Socrates and any other application that you have open so that you can see your desktop and the file that has been created
  • Open your email system and reply to the email received from the patient
  • Attach the pdf file = select the Desktop location, select the file name and hit Save button
    Socrates Email.png
    Socrates Email 2.png
  1. Send the email

If a patient requests a copy of their medical records from their GP and the GP uses HealthOne, the below steps are to be followed.

  1. Open the HealthOne application and search for the appropriate patient name in the search field

  2. Once the appropriate patient has been located - Double click on the chosen patient
    HealthOne patients.png

  3. The following screen opens
    HealthOne patients 2.png

  4. Select File and Print or press Ctrl + P to print the patient record
    HealthOne export.png

  5. Initial screen shown once you select print.
    HealthOne export 2.png

  6. At this stage we would like to print the patient record to PDF so it can be emailed to our patient once ready.

  • In ‘Do you want to print’ please select ‘the complete HCR’
  • In ‘Print type’ please select ‘Print as PDF’
  • In the dropdown please select ‘Full Content’
  • Click OK
    HealthOne export 3.png
  1. Save the file in a location you can access so that you can send the PDF file via email to our patient
  • The file will default to the patients surname_firstname.pdf format
    HealthOne email.png
  1. Open your email account and send the PDF file to the patient using the email address you have for the patient

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